Body Cozy© presents the world's first throw with a specially designed patent pending foot pouch that prevent your feet from popping out by catching them in the sewn in pouch in the bottom of the throw, solving the typical problem with all conventional throws.

This unique design keeps your feet warm and securely covered up. Body Cozy brand throws are 48" by 60" in size and our special foot pouch actually makes our throw feel as if it is as much as 2 feet longer (almost 72" in length!) so it will cover and provide warmth to more of your body than standard throws.

In addition to this unique design, the Body Cozy brand throw is made from a special baby soft polyester that provides incredible warmth retaining insulation - guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy even on the coldest of days. Machine washable and non pilling, Body Cozy brand throws are almost the greatest thing since sliced bread (so we have been told!).

Body Cozy brand throws make great gifts for friends and family.

Select from the 2 available colors below to get yours today!

Stay Warm this fall!

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